Groovelabs LLC is now offering  its custom configured Festival Console Switching  System for FOH and Monitor Applications.  An indispensable set up for festival planners and 

PA system integrators to include in their events’ design in the Live PA and Electronic “EDM” Markets. We use these switching systems ourselves and now are available for hire. Our console system switchers come with a trained tech to assist in deployment. Plays nice with 48K and 96K consoles has digital and analog ins with redundant digital and analog outs.

Festival and Regional services available:

FOH Console Switching systems :

Transparent switching in 96/48K to your vendors PA or can be bundled with Waves or LAKE  FOH system EQ.

Configured outputs to L/R/S/FF and OL/OR/DLY1/DLY2

We also offer modest switching via Midas XL88 console plug-in on  Pro2 or ProX systems.

Monitor world Console  Output Switching

No more manual patching, broken pins or human error patches!

16 output switching to stage monitors and fills for  up to 3 live act consoles. See brochure for details.

Midas PRoX /Pro2 /M32 festival consoles

FOH and Monitor console packages for mains and monitors.

AES50 and Analog Splits.

Midas AES50 splits or 3 analogs splits with local preamps.

Brochure  or inquire your needs at or 760-240-9449

Groovelabs festival Sound

PRG and Rat sound are local providers. The country festival and freestyle festivals use this service regularly. Bass rush and some EDM shows use the console switch system.

groovelabs in San Bernardino ca provides the best festival service experience thru local city and townships in the area. Local touring act also use festival sound systems on a regular basis. Namm 2024 Member.

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