Groovelabs offers comprehensive consulting  and training services within our wheel house of industry experience. We give our customers the insight advantage form a production standpoint extending over 26+ of industry service. We also offer custom sales and installation for various niche customer projects. 

  • Event Logistical Support and Proactive planning approaches:
  • Sales and installation of Video Wall   and LED Lighting Systems, Theater and venue upgrades.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Post Manufacture Warranty Service Support.
  • House of Worship Audio equipment Calibration and Venue Tuning, Training and Specialty Project Support

Event Logistic Support

Over the years, Groovelabs has embarked in many multifaceted production roles for various Local, Regional governments and National brands that produce special events. There is a method to the madness of producing or planning events that yields  maximum impact and expectation with favorable logistical outcomes.  Wether it is to maximize sales, profits, workforce or budget, Groovelabs is the right fit for your event committee. Our consulting services is non intrusive. Our goal is to simply review and recommend findings to individuals or committee members solutions and alternatives for an efficient, cost effective approach.

LED Fixture | Video Wall Sales & Installation

We can provide and install LED Par systems and LED Walls for almost any project. 

  • Theater upgrades
  • Lobby retrofitting
  • Specialty projects.

Preventative Maintenance | Service Contracts | Show Support

Groovelabs provides post manufacture Preventative maintenance to existing audio or lighting equipment.

We Also offer Operator Support for your Show.


Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

House of Worship  Venue Tunning  | Training | Overflow Equipment Support

We offer various sound tunning packages including replacement and repair for most venues.

Please contact us for your specific needs. We require a site survey for most quotes.

Please Click on CONTACT above or here to request information about these services. You may also contact our office: 760-240-9449